Music Samples and Online Portfolio

Since all that encompasses musical performances is the quality of the resulting songs and tracks, this artist has decided to share several excerpts of his avb2jpeg-604eff0969489bc2musical works, which will allow fans and those who are interested in his music to have the chance to listen to them and evaluate them.

Regardless if it’s people who wish to buy musical tracks or just folk music fans who wish to have an appraisal of his musical performances, this page will allow everyone to browse, listen and even rate musical performances.

The different musical samples are met with their own descriptions, which let people know the album of origin, if the track has been recorded in the studio or if it is a live performance, as well as its corresponding event. When accessing the online portfolio, users will be able to find the same musical samples, but better organised, into various folders and directories that are associated to different periods from the artist’s career, complete with locations.

The built-in player will allow everyone, regardless of their operating system, to preview the samples, but users must bear in mind that these snippets are just sections from entire tracks and their duration is around 30 seconds each, more than enough for getting the idea of the track’s general tune and mood. All those who are particularly interested into a track will have the option of purchasing it and this can be done on the dedicated page.

Associated with each sample track is artwork that is specific to each of the items, such as the outback landscapes in the Scottish highlands, pubs, places where people gather or even the seaside. All artwork is also created by the artist and most of his works can also be purchased as paintings or illustrations by those who appreciate Scottish landscapes and cultural heritage.