Greetings to All Folk Music Fans

Beside the numerous folk music performances, songs and albums that the artist has offered so far, he also wishes to provide his wisdom that he managed to accumulate over the years during the multiple epiphanies that he had regarding folk music. This page will allow all folk music fans and not only them to read some of the advice that the author believes it is important for those who wishtheavettbrothers1 to understand, perform or even promote folk music, as the latest years have known an increasingly erroneous opinion about this musical genre.

First of all, the artist wishes to congratulate all those who wish to become folk musicians themselves and to wish them good luck on the wonderful journey ahead. The most important factor that has lead to the wrong perception that folk music leaves to the media and most people, is the scene where it takes place and the way it takes place. Seen by many as a “countryman’s” demeanour, with no actual musical value, folk music is much more than that.

As they will learn, those who have decided to get closely acquainted with this genre will have the task of perpetuating the traditional habits and customs that folk entails, and with this task comes a responsibility of presenting the facts in a way that is both accurate from a historical point of view of the events that are contained in folk songs, as well as from a musical point of view that is appealing to the general public.

Basically, a balance between the bohemian part of folk music and the concrete aspects must be attained, in order to present the best possible outcome.

Thanks to his numerous fans, the artist has managed to maintain a high position in the chart over the last years and he also wishes to express his gratitude towards them, as they represent an important part of his musical career.