On this special page, people will be able to get a glimpse about the events that the musician has attended throughout time, the upcoming ones, as well as access a gallery of beautiful images that will offer them a great overview of the artist’s achievements so far and the different key moments captured by photographers at the events that he performed at.

Since the folk music scene is quite an important one, this musician constantly finds himself traveling in order to be at various gatherings where this genre is the main attraction. Touring either alone, or accompanying several of the bands he often performs with, he is almost always seen performing in a city or village in Scotland, be it in pubs, people’s houses or even outdoor gatherings and concerts.

The events archive contains numerous entries and it is populated almost weekly with other activities and places where the author has attended. Therefore, those who are interested in seeing what the folk musician and his associated bands are up to, they will have an entire multitude of articles, news headlines and stories to browse and read.

All the upcoming events and performances are presented in the news section, where folk fans will have the chance to view the location and dates for the next performances and even book tickets to the preferred events ahead.

In the multimedia section, people will be able to browse an entire collection of albums that contain photographs from the numerous events that the artist performed at, concerts, or even smaller events, all having details about the location, date and other relevant aspects. Browsing the image gallery isn’t difficult and people can either do so manually or use the available search function and input their preferred search terms or keywords, such as the date, name of the event or the accompanying band.