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By far one of the most impressive aspects that can characterise any musical act is their discography, regardless of the musical genre they are active in. With that fact in mind, this musician offers all folk music fans the chance to browse his entire discography, which spans across 20 years, starting from the beginnings that included tapes and short recordings and ending with the most recent performances that were recorded live during various concerts and events.buda-folk-band

Everyone is welcome to browse the discography and even leaving short comments and reviews for the different albums and tracks. The same goes with the music sample section: it can be browsed manually or, more efficiently, using the available search function, which accepts search criteria such as the album’s or track’s titles, year of production or the event or concert that it was recorded at.

Some of the most notable performances will be offered separately, for those who wish to seek the “best of the best” from the whole discography and feel like they do not have too much time to spare. All records, including outtakes or demos from the early beginnings are available for browsing and each different track or song features a short description that covers the story behind that particular entry, its name origin or other relevant details. The same is offered for each album, with people having the opportunity to learn the origin of the titles of the different albums and what motivated the artist to record them, as well as any other trivia regarding the work behind them.

Being always dedicated to his fans, this artist wishes to allow everyone the chance to have a look at his discography and those who are interested in his valuable advice regarding folk music are invited on the following page, where more insight will be provided for everyone.