Biography and the Passion for Folk Music

Being raised in a region where Scottish folk music was one of the most prominent musical genres, there is no wonder why this musician has also chosen to specialise in it. Ever since he was just a little child, he began to admire all those who were participating in gatherings where folk music was played and gradually develmaltese-folk-musicoped a sense for music in general, this leading to him attending the local music school.

Having a strong background in musical arts and especially folk music, the author has always maintained a strong passion for folk music and this can be seen throughout his performances, which not only hold a special gripe to them, but also his feelings, which are expressed through them. Performing alone, or with other bands, he started to become more and more popular as the years went on and the local folk community grew considerably thanks to his performances.

One of the most important factors that had contributed to his growing passion for folk was the desire to maintain Scottish customs as close to the original versions as possible. And what better way to present them to the younger generations than through folk music – telling the story of the cultural Scottish heritage? The idea of perpetuating Scottish culture in time using music had appealed to him and it has been the driving force behind his compositions ever since. The bands that he plays with are also emphasising the same undertakings and are on the same level when it comes to presenting Scotland’s beauty through traditional folk music.

Those who are passionate about folk music can read in the following pages more details about the interesting Ceilidh folk genre, which is characteristic to Scotland and which has special particularities that make it both mysterious and welcoming at the same time.